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BuildingPoint Ohio Valley is proud to offer our library of published, educational articles highlighting the inner workings and benefits of modern construction technology for your use. Simply click on the title of your choice to read on!

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General Construction Technology Articles

A Matter of Profit: Construction in the 21st Century

“Stubborn businesses that continue to use obsolete methods will find themselves amidst an ever-shrinking pool of labor and bid opportunities until they themselves eventually go extinct.” (The Cincinnati Constructor Magazine, Winter 2022, Pg. 18-19)

Investing in the Future of Your Construction Firm

“Simply put, any construction operation with hopes of a future can no longer ignore the change around them, and must strive to adopt the evolving technology and methods as a means to maintain a workforce, compete in the marketplace and build to the standards of the days ahead.” (The Cincinnati Constructor Magazine, Fall 2022, Pg. 19-20)

The Opportunistic and The Outmoded: How Technology Will Impact Property Owners Who Stick with Outdated Ways

“Whether through the pressures of an evolving market or eventual regulations, the design, construction and operational phases of property ownership aren’t simply poised to change; they already have.” (Developing Pittsburgh, Spring 2022, Pg. 39-41)

Construction Technology Update

“I am sure there are some small operations that are just winding down towards retirement and won’t be investing in new technology, but if you own a legacy operation then you are adopting new technology for your future success.” (BreakingGround Magazine, March/April 2022, Pg. 33-45)

The Connected and the Cast Out: Construction Winds of Change

“Through this fact, the construction companies of today are left with two options, to become ‘connected’ in the era of smart construction or be ‘cast-out’ and relegated to the pages of the past.” (The Cincinnati Constructor Magazine, Winter 2022, Pg. 17-18)

Modern Construction: A Firsthand Account of Technology in the Field

“One thing is for certain, the construction industry will remain competitive, and the advantages of proven technology will continue to give companies the edge. That is simply the tradition of things.” (BuildingPoint Ohio Valley, February 2021)

Under the Impression That Repeatable Processes Aren’t for Construction? Think Again

“With increasingly complex projects and tighter schedules, standardizing processes is a foundational step toward working faster, smarter and with less risk.” (Construction Executive, April 2020)

From Lofty Futures to Neighborhoods Now, The Way We Build Has Changed Forever

“…the hardware, software and tied-together processes of ‘state-of-the-art’ technology have permanently transformed the way construction is done.” (Properties Magazine, December 15th, 2019, Pg. 52-53)

Finding Efficiencies Via Construction Technology

“Construction industry technology and the impact it’s having on construction firms.” (Properties Magazine, November 19th, 2019, Pg. 77-78)

Construction Technology + Labor Shortages

“Through the use of modern construction technology, the augmentation of a company’s capabilities becomes possible via comprehensive pre-planning, communication and maximized efficiency.” (Properties Magazine, August 19th, 2019, Pg. 40-41)

Dawn of the Mobile Construction Tablet

“Through seamless, real-time communication, cost effective and competitive management solutions and a combination of software and workflows specifically designed for construction tasks, mobile tablets are revolutionizing the construction world.” (The Cincinnati Constructor Magazine, December 13th, 2018, Pg. 10-11)

Modern Construction Technology vs. Traditional Methods: Benefits of the Switch

“With a structure in place to make learning easy, a portfolio of power to add to a company’s operations and more competitive, compelling work, the reasons to move toward modern construction solutions are more potent than ever.” (The Cincinnati Constructor Magazine, March 28th, 2019, Pg. 13-14)

A Practical Approach to the Adoption of Modern Construction Technology

“Through professional contacts who know the solutions, regular training and a consistent equipment set, the adoption and use of cutting-edge construction technology is not only beneficial, but practical.” (The Cincinnati Constructor Magazine, March 15th, 2018, Pg. 24-25)

GNSS on the Construction Site

Satellite navigation technology and its benefits for building layout (Properties Magazine, December 11th, 2017, Pg. 81-82)

Construction Layout Articles

The Role of Layout in Delivering Efficient, Successful Building Projects

“Sitting somewhere between the point where structures are conceptualized and designed and when they’re physically erected, lies a vital phase of project success – construction layout.” (Civil + Structural Engineer, February 2020, Vol. 6, Issue 2)

3D Scanning Articles

Perfect Solution for an Imperfect World: Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning

“Successful professionals in the world of construction are those who are most adept at navigating the differences between design and reality, and who are able to successfully communicate their intentions from the abstract realm into the physical.” (Properties Magazine, May 2023, Pgs. 65-68)

3D Laser Scanners: The Tape Measures of Modern Construction

“Advancements such as CAD and BIM have changed the way we design in construction, while 3D scanning has changed how we measure.” (The Cincinnati Constructor Magazine, Spring 2021, Pg. 18-19)

Mixed Reality Articles

A Tale of Two Worlds, Inside & Out: Merging the Physical & Digital Realms Through Mixed Reality Design & Construction

“Construction starts in the mind, and as an artist must first envision their ‘masterpiece’ before they can bring it to be in the physical realm, so, too, must the architect, engineer and general contractor.” (Properties Magazine, July 2020)

Infrastructure Outlook: Putting Designs into Motion with Extended Reality

“When it comes to planning and design, how do you tie data in the model from the office to the field? Augmented- and mixed-reality devices in the field connected to software in the office can facilitate this process.” (Informed Infrastructure, May 2020)

How to Transform Construction, One Hologram at a Time

“With #mixedreality, #construction workers can visualize their projects in the digital world to support complex modeling processes and improve opportunities for #collaboration across projects.” (Construction Best Practices, April 2020)

Labor Management Articles

Social Distancing and Site Monitoring Tech Rapidly Rolling Out to US Construction Sites

“The coronavirus pandemic has shocked U.S. construction into needing to adopt new technologies to maintain social distancing and monitor jobsites remotely. …It’s also forced more connection between the site and office…” (Construction Drive, May 2020)

How XR is Building Momentum in the Construction Industry

“There’s this loss of understanding between the 3D that lived in the architect’s brain and the engineer’s brain back in the office and the 2D that the worker on site is actually getting. So there’s a disconnect in what it is all these people are supposed to be building together…” (XR Frontiers, January 2020)

Mixed Reality Pushes Structural Fabrication Forward

“Mixed reality is one of the most promising advances propelling the construction industry forward. It has the potential to simplify the design, build, and operate experience for every person touching a project.” (The Fabricator, December 30th, 2019)

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