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Labor Management at Your Fingertips

Hassle-Free Time & Attendance

CrewSight Time & Attendance automates the capture and tracking of worker time onsite. No more logging in, clock punching or filling out time sheets manually. Simply enroll your workforce and let the system do the hard work. Automatically capture attendance from readers placed at the entry and exit points of your site, and let your workers’ hard hat beacons track their hours – no workforce training required.

  • Automatically capture time and attendance
  • Customize entry cirteria like signed NDAs, passed drug or background screens, and/or current licenses or training
  • Gain visibility into jobsite entries and exits when they occur
  • Use a unified, cloud-based portal to remotely control access to all jobsites

Improve Productivity

CrewSight records each worker on company’s time onsite for accountability and reporting. Split your jobsite into zones and record time in designated work areas.

  • Know who is on each site, including their company and trade affiliation
  • Track crew and subcontractor hours by jobsite and zone
  • Receiver regular labor report summaries via email or text
  • Log in via the web and generate custom reports over any period of time

Broadcast Messaging

Send targeted mass comunications from any device. Whether it’s everyone onsite or just specific businesses or trades, you can send messages only to those who need them.

  • Broadcast text alerts with check-in point details during mandatory mass evacuations
  • Alert workers of upcoming safety meetings, bad weather and site hazards
  • Target specific businesses, trades or everyone onsite at that moment
  • Schedule or rearrange shifts or duties quickly

Health & Safety

CrewSight enables you to document workers’ emergency contact info and send safety alerts.

  • Find a worker’s emergency contact information from your phone in seconds
  • Confirm a jobsite is empty through supervisor alerts at the end of the day
  • Receive alerts when Health and Safety documentation/training is out of date
  • Perform simple enrollment with mandatory and/or custom fields to suit your business
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