Trimble EdgeWise

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Produce Accurate, BIM-Ready Models with Ease

Trimble EdgeWise Software for 3D Scanning Professionals

Trimble EdgeWise Software complements Trimble’s 3D scanners and Trimble RealWorks software to provide efficeient, end-to-end workflows in producing accurate, BIM-ready models. From scanned point-cloud data, the software automatically detects structuaral elements such as pipes, conduit and beams, then precisely models them using the dimensions and geometries included in a vast library of common elements.

Quickly Produce Intelligent Models from Point Clouds

Trimble EdgeWise efficiently supports modeling of pipes, conduits, structural steel, ducts, structural concrete, walls, doors and windows.

Flexibility for the Contractor

Projects vary as do your scanning needs. Whther you’re looking to provide as-built information or collecting current conditions for a renovation project, Trimble EdgeWise can help you extract the individual elements and produce the information you need to make decisions. Automated routines enable you to quickly and intelligently extract and model piping, duct, conduit, walls, structural beams or other elements to be exported to your modeling platform of choice.

Finishing & QA Tools

EdgeWise quality assurance tools allow you to check the accuracy of every extracted element to ensure your model is true to the point cloud. Any poorly-fitted object can be easily and quickly resized and adjusted to the points to give you precise control and accuracy of your model. The advanced modeling methodology in the software allows you to efficiently extract and precisely position every object of interest. Objects and features extracted, modeled and finished in EdgeWise are easily imported into Vico Office, Tekla, SketchUp, Bentley or Revit as fully functional families while maintaining associated attribute data.

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