FieldLink MR

Trimble FieldLink MR: Full-On, Mixed-Reality Layout

Datasheet | Quick-Step Guide

Trimble FieldLink MR bridges the gap between digital and physical construction – allowing you to pair the accuracy and precision of Trimble’s layout instruments with the visual context of mixed reality.

With FieldLink MR, control your total station to intuitively perform detailed layout workflows, all while being fully immersed in your construction design data.

What Hardware Do I Need? Trimble FieldLink MR Works with Your Trimble Layout Portfolio!

To Use Field Link MR, you will need a Trimble RTS773, RTS873 or RPT600 instrument, Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2 and a TDL Radio Bridge or EM120 Radio + EDB10 Data Bridge.

How Do I Acquire FieldLink MR?

FieldLink MR is available through the Layout Field Bundle – Advanced Subscription. For more on purchasing a Layout Subscription, Contact Us Today!

How Accurate is FieldLink MR?

FieldLink MR offers the exact same accuracy as the FieldLink you’ve come to know and love. This is because the layout accuracy is based on the Total Station and not the XR10. This means you can still layout to the same tolerances as today – we’ve just made it easier with mixed reality!

How Do I Upload Data to the XR10?

FieldLink MR is built on the Trimble Connect cloud collaboration platform, meaning all you have to do is upload your layout and design data to Trimble Connect. Once uploaded to Trimble Connect, you can access your data directly via FieldLink MR. At home, in the office, or on the jobsite, your data is always ready and accessible.

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