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BuildingPoint Ohio Valley is proud to offer our knowledge base through industry partners to provide critical insight into the use of our powerful construction positioning technology. Simply click on the title links below!

3D Laser Scanning

What is a Point Cloud?

If you’re taking a 3D laser scan of your site’s as-is condition and turning that information into a 3D CAD model to estimate, detail or make renovations to MEP projects, you might wonder just what a point cloud is.

How to Create a 3D CAD Model from a Laser Scanned Point Cloud

For the following example, a Trimble Scanner was used to scan a facility with the intent of creating a 3D CAD model, the main focus being on the walls, ceiling and structure.

What is “Scan to BIM”?

If you are working in the construction industry, you have probably come across the term ‘Scan to BIM’ or ‘Field to BIM’ at some point. Or, you may have noticed your construction partners using a 3D laser scanner on the building site. But what is ‘Scan to BIM’ exactly – and how does it work?

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