Laser Transfer Pro Floor-to-Ceiling Layout System

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The Laser Layout Pro Floor-to-Ceiling Layout Solution utilizes a high-visibility green beam laser. It’s designed to handle a wide range of interior construction applications and is especially well suited to handle bright ambient light conditions. This rugged laser layout tool offers several benefits to general and interior contractors, electricians, plumbers and related professionals. This laser features one beam pointing up, one down and three horizontal at 90 degrees from each other.


Key Features:

– Floor and ceiling layout information displayed simultaneously
– High-visibility, green-beam lasers
– Automatic self-leveling and plumb for fast, precise setups
– No need for a plumb bob
– One-person installation of walls, doors, ceiling track and other overhead fixtures
– Fast, one-person 90 degree layout of rooms, walls, tile, carpet squares and fixtures
– Accuracy of 3/16 inch at 50 feet (3mm @10m)
– Working range of up to 100 feet (30m)
– Dust, water and shock-resistant for improved reliability and durability
– Withstands drops of up to 3 feet (1m) onto concrete and still maintains consistent accuracy
– Compensator lock for non-level applications and secure transport
– Exclusive 3-year instant exchange warranty

LP51G Vertical Laser Layout Solution Kit Includes:

  • LP51G 5-point green-beam laser level
  • Seco 360 degree mini prism with bubble vial (P/N: 5910-20-051)(5/8 inch coarse-thread)
  • Adapter
  • Nanuk 905 Hard Carrying Case
  • FREE Pre-Delivery Calibration!
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