QML800 QuickMark Layout Solution

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“X” Marks the Spot!

NEW QML XT Upgraded Field Layout App!

We’re excited to announce that our partner company, Precision Laser & Instrument, Inc. is your exclusive Eastern U.S. source for the NEW, Upgraded QML XT Layout App!

This new software platform for the QML800 & QML800G Layout System is packed with enhanced features, over 3 dozen of them, added from input of everyday users in the field!

Checkout the Tutorial Videos Below for Helpful Info on Using This Powerful New Software!

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Using Trimble Installation Manager to Manager Your QML XT App LicenseEnhanced Performance with the QML XT Layout AppLayer Finder - QML XT Layout AppBackground Screen Color Change - QML XT Layout App
Trimble Installation Manager
& Your QML XT License
Enhanced Performance
with the QML XT App
Using Layer Finder Feature
with the QML XT App
Background Color Change
on QML XT App
Snap Mode Part 1- QML XT Layout AppSnap Mode Part 2- QML XTMeasure Functions - QML XT Layout AppQuick Stake - QML XT Layout App
Using Snap Mode (Part 1)
with the QML XT App
Using Snap Mode (Part 2)
with the QML XT App
Using Measure Functions
with the QML XT App
Using Quick Stake
with the QML XT App
Reset Pairing - QML XT Layout AppReporting Points - QML XTReporting Ceilings - QML XT Layout AppReporting Walls - QML XT Layout App
Using Reset Pairing
with the QML XT App
Reporting Points
with the QML XT App
Ceiling Reports
with the QML XT App
Wall Reports
with the QML XT App

The QML800/QML800G QuickMark Layout Solution is a revolutionary way to do layout.
It uses 2 laser beams that literally mark a visible “X” at the desired point location.
A user simply taps the desired point on the tablet controller and the lasers position the “X.”
Complicated shapes such as arcs and multi-layered serpentine soffits are easy to layout!
This system is controlled by an intuitive tablet app, with setup accomplished through a quick
process of locating 2 known control points on the jobsite.

Available in red beam (QML800) and green beam (QML800G) lasers.

Click on the thumbnails to watch tutorial videos and learn even more at learn.trimble.com (CLICK HERE!).

Jobsite Setup - QML800
System Setup - QML800
Key Features (Part 1) - QML800
Jobsite Setup
System Setup
Key Features (Part 1)
Key Features (Part 2) - QML800
Key Accessories - QML800
Packing Up - QML800
Key Features (Part 2)
Key Accessories
Packing Up

New BuildView Field Software

With the QML800, architectural files can now be loaded directly onto the tablet. The floor plan can be viewed in the BuildView field software. Locating a point on the floor is as simple as tapping on the desired intersection or point on the drawing. BuildView is powerful, fast and simple to use.

BuildView Office Software

The QML800 also includes a license to BuildView Office computer software. Architectural drawings can be opened and viewed on this program. Job files can be reviewed for completeness, and issues can be addressed with architects, general contractors and contract managers before arriving at the jobsite. A more productive first day of layout will follow.

No Measuring

Eliminate calculations and tape reading errors. Marking errors are not compounded, since points are successive and not measured from previous points. Complex shapes such as serpentine soffits and curved walls are easy and quick to layout.

Columns are Effectively Invisible

The QML800 includes a clever “Column Buster” function that provides a quick work around when columns are in the way. With the QML800, columns no longer block locations points.

Work Around Clutter

Clutter and pallets of material on the jobsite floor are a challenge for any layout crew. The “Clutter Buster” optional accessory for the QML800 enables layout specialists to capture the laser “X” above clutter and translate the point to the floor with a laser plumb pointer. The “Clutter Buster” accessory is standard for the QML800G package and optional for the QML800.

Numerous Applications

This system is ideal for drywall contractors, general contractors, construction managers and architects. Other layout tasks including warehouse racking, factories, office walls/cubical layout are also enhanced,.

Typical Jobsite Results Include:

QML800 Benefits