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Rent the Best in Construction Positioning Technology!

Our Rental Fleet is Always on Hand to Keep Your Projects Moving!

Building Point Ohio Valley is proud to offer a wide selection of build construction equipment for rent, all available with our expert technical support and training. All of the latest hardware and software for your work is ready for local pickup or on-site delivery! For more information about our rental equipment, options, policies and daily/weekly/monthly rates, give us a call at 724-266-1600 or fill out the below Rental Request Form!

Rentals IncludeRent-To-Purchase Policy
– Daily, weekly and monthly rates
– All necessary accessories
– Available additional accessories
– Shipping and pickup options
– “Rent-to-Purchase” (Credit Option)
– On-Site and off-site training
– Available data processing
– Max 100% rent. fees app. to purchase
– Available on all products sold or rented from BPOV
– 100% rental credit applied to purchases made within first 30 days of rental
– 50% rental credit applied to purchases made after first 30 days of rental
– Max rental credit applicable is equal to 75% of list price
– Rent-to-Purchase (Credit Option) ceases after rental item(s) is returned
RTS573RTS573/673 Kit

(Includes: RTS573 or RTS673, FZ-M1 or T100 or T10 Rugged Tablet, Rod, Tripod and Prism (Standard 360 or MT1000)

Day: $300 | Week: $900 | Month: $2,700
RTS873RTS773/873 Kit

(Includes: RTS773 or RTS873, FZ-M1 or T100 or T10 Rugged Tablet, Rod, Tripod and Prism (Standard 360 or MT1000)

Day: $400 | Week: $1,200 | Month: $3,600
SPS986 GNSS Smart AntennaSPS986 GNSS Smart Antenna

$250 | Week: $750 | Month: $2,250
Rugged Field TabletFZ-M1 (T100/T10)

Day: $96 ($120) | Week: $288 ($360) | Month: $864 ($1,080)
TX8 ScannerTX6 or TX8 with Camera

Day: $850 | Week: $2,550 | Month: $7,650
TX8 3D ScannerTX8 without Camera

Day: $750 | Week: $2,250 | Month: $6,750
X7 ScannerTrimble X7

Day: $650 | Week: $1,950 | Month: $5,850
Scanning SpheresScanning Registration Spheres (x3 Per Case)

Day: $20 | Week: $60 | Month: $180
Scanning TripodElevating 3D Laser Scanner Tripod

Day: $25 | Week: $75 | Month: $225
Round Column Clamp(Instrument) Round Column Clamp

Day: $15 | Week: $35 | Month: $135

Rental Request Form

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