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Building Point Ohio Valley is your source for all cutting-edge solutions for the build construction industry, including design, pre-construction, 3D scanning, field layout and more to support the full Design-Build-Operate life-cycle. As your local Trimble Authorized Distribution Partner, we can provide the full Trimble Building’s solution portfolio to meet your needs. Our innovative build construction solutions include:

  • Trimble Field Link is the definitive construction layout software solution designed specifically for contractors. Featuring the right combination of tools for each layout job, this unified combination of hardware and software increases productivity and accuracy in the field, reduces rework, provides easy-to-use, task-based workflows and also delivers a greater return on investment. Available in Base, Core and Advanced Versions!
  • CrewSight Time & Attendance automates the capture and tracking of worker time onsite. No more logging in, clock punching or filling out time sheets manually. Simply enroll your workforce and let the system do the hard work. Automatically capture attendance from readers placed at the entry and exit points of your site, and let your workers’ hard hat beacons track their hours – no workforce training required.
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