X7 3D Laser Scanning System

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Powerful Performance with Simple Operation

Trimble X7 3D Scanning System

Key Features:

Trimble Field Link Scan Module

  • Construction specific software to easily operate the Trimble X7 and reference scan projects with BIM Data
  • Unique Trimble Registration Assistant for automatic registration, refinement and referencing to leave the site with confidence
  • Process, view and validate scan data and imagery before you leave the site
  • Visualize scan data, and layout points and BIM data from a variety of CAD solutions

Powerful Applications

Building Construction, Facility Management, Civil Infrastructure & More!

  • Is safe and effective to use in public buildings to create as-built models for scan-to-BIM and for renovations.
  • Provides utility for building extensions, conversions and inspection of facades and elevations.
  • Handles design optimization and accessibility planning.
  • Uses survey-grade self-leveling to verify verticality, floor flatness and analyze deformation of beams/columns.
  • Can perform in-field registration to verify the entire project has been captured and eliminate the risk of return visits, especially where access permits are difficult to obtain.
  • Transfers data to TBC, RealWorks or other CAD software for final analysis and design.