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BuildingPoint Ohio Valley is proud to offer our library of industry guides provided by our partners at Trimble. Simply click on the title of your choice to read on!

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General Construction Technology Guides

Digital Resilience in Construction

“…Insights and practical tips that will help your construction company navigate the new future and emerge into it better and stronger.” (Trimble)

How to Upgrade Your 7 Step Workflow with the Constructible Process

“In fact, BIM is just the beginning when placed in the context of a truly constructible process…” (Trimble)

The General Contractor’s Guide to the Modern Connected Jobsite

“With so much of any given construction project under your direct or indirect control, how can you ensure you’re approaching each task in the best way? The answer lies in data.” (Trimble)

Who Benefits from the Constructible Process? Everyone.

“From concept to completion, constructible workflows enable construction businesses to optimize the entire design, build and operate life cycle.” (Trimble)

7 Tech Trends Driving the Construction Industry: And Why All Roads Lead to the Constructible Process

“See if your business is aligned with the top trends driving the construction industry!” (Trimble)

Adapt or Die: Why Adopt Tech Trends in a Competitive Construction Market?

“Companies that stagnate tend to be left behind by a fast-moving, foward-thinking commercial environment…” (Trimble)

Construction Layout Guides

The Lay of the Land: Choosing a Layout Solution That’s Right for Your Business

“Accurate layout information up front, at the start of a project, is an essential component for project success and offers a clear advantage for MEP contractors in a competitive business climate.” (Trimble)

The Tech Behind an Optimal Layout Process

“Construction layout is the important link between design intent and structural reality.” (Trimble)

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Layout for Steel and Concrete

“…Steel and concrete layout can often involve structural tasks along with more detailed point marking within as construction progresses.” (Trimble)

How to Save 87.5% on Every Layout Point

“With layout accounting for approximately 25% or more of every construction budget, what do those numbers mean to your firm’s bottom line?” (Trimble)

3D Laser Scanning Guides

The Evolution of 3D Laser Scanning: Past, Present and Predictions

“It’s the story of a powerful set of hardware and software tools that have finally reached that optimal balance between potential and practicality…” (Trimble)

3D Scanning in BIM – A Cost vs. Benefit Analysis

“To capture a highly accurate rendering of as-built conditions, without human error, 3D laser scanners have become the gold standard in construction…” (Trimble)

Scan to BIM Best Practices: What You Need to Know

“Whether you’re thinking of getting started in 3D laser scanning or you’ve been doing it for years, this guide reviews scan to BIM best practices for every level…” (Trimble)

3D Scanning Myths Debunked

“With innovate technologies such as 3D laser scanning come a lot of questions, and even some misconceptions!” (Trimble)

3D Scanning Made Simple: How to Unleash the Power of 3D Laser Scanning to Save Time and Money

“Take a look at common challenges of 3D laser scanning and explore the solutions to help you improve and expand upon your current workflows and scanning processes.” (Trimble)

BIM Technology Guides

BIM & Design: From Architects to Subcontractors – Who Does What?

“What isn’t always immediately clear, is where each of us people sit in the BIM process.” (Trimble)

How to Get Out of the Red After Implementing BIM

“While some firms might be fully-fledged converts, others remain unconvinced as to whether BIM adoption will ever deliver a measurable return on investment (ROI).” (Trimble)

The BIM Phrasebook

“…For anyone encountering BIM for the first time or still finding their feet in this area, what follows is a glossary of some of the most commonly used, but easily misunderstood, terms in the BIM sector.” (Trimble)

Why BIM Needs Digital Twins

“Digital twins help materialize the intagible, realise the “Internet of Things (IoT), “Return on Investment” (ROI), and are an important facet of connected jobsites.” (Trimble)

Building a Better BIM Team Checklist

“Use this best practices checklist to make sure you build the most effective multi-disciplinary BIM team possible, one that breaks down silos and improves coordination and project management at every touchpoint.” (Trimble)

Labor Management Guides

Jobsite Access Control: How to Know Who’s Really On Site

“To understand the importance of jobsite access, you have to know what’s at stake – the efficiency of your project is directly correlated to five, interconnected, access control considerations…” (Trimble)

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