X7 3D Laser Scanning System

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Powerful Performance with Simple Operation

Trimble X7 3D Scanning System

Key Features:

Trimble Field Link Scan Module

  • Construction specific software to easily operate the Trimble X7 and reference scan projects with BIM Data
  • Unique Trimble Registration Assistant for automatic registration, refinement and referencing to leave the site with confidence
  • Process, view and validate scan data and imagery before you leave the site
  • Visualize scan data, and layout points and BIM data from a variety of CAD solutions

Powerful Applications

Building Construction, Facility Management, Civil Infrastructure & More!

  • Is safe and effective to use in public buildings to create as-built models for scan-to-BIM and for renovations.
  • Provides utility for building extensions, conversions and inspection of facades and elevations.
  • Handles design optimization and accessibility planning.
  • Uses survey-grade self-leveling to verify verticality, floor flatness and analyze deformation of beams/columns.
  • Can perform in-field registration to verify the entire project has been captured and eliminate the risk of return visits, especially where access permits are difficult to obtain.
  • Transfers data to TBC, RealWorks or other CAD software for final analysis and design.
Trimble X7 Expert Collaboration for Supreme InnovationThe Trimble X7 Scanner for Concrete ApplicationsScan to BIM Setup with Trimble Field Link & X7 ScannerManual Scan to BIM Placement with TFL & X7
Expert Collaboration for
Supreme Innovation
The Trimble X7 3D Scanner
for Concrete Applications
Scan-to-BIM Setup with
the Trimble X7 & Field Link
Manual Scan-to-BIM with
the Trimble X7 & Field Link
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